If you’ve been pricing play structures, you know the range is huge. Wooden forts from big box stores can be found for as little as $600, while similar models from well known "play system" retailers run anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000+.

Our prices, like our projects, are custom: built to fit your needs, your wishes, and your budget, without cutting corners or compromising on the quality of materials or construction. To get started, contact us at 479.387.0701 or



True "tree houses," structures supported by one or more trees, offer the maximum in creativity and design potential.  We’re happy to build any size, from small "no grownups allowed" refuges to large structures for the entire family’s enjoyment. Treehouse pricing starts at $4000, with every property and every tree offering its own set of challenges and opportunities.

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Stand-Alone Play Structures

(Playsets and swingsets)

No trees? No problem! Playsets typically have a core tower or fort space, surrounded by activities like slides, climbing walls, rope ladders, swings, bridges, tunnels, and more. We offer stand-alone play structures for as little as $1,900.


Enclosed structures on the ground provide another realm of creative potential, both for adults and kids. We design themed playhouses and club houses, as well as all-weather retreats, meditation spaces, and even sheds. Custom-designed structures on the ground start at $2,500.

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Natural State Treehouses is proud to be on the cutting edge of the national move towards natural playgrounds for schools and public spaces. From whole log balance beams to art and music walls, we love to find ways to let kids interact with natural materials.  We design with safety standards in mind and help each customer work with DHS to obtain necessary approvals.


Outdoor carpentry

Decks, fences, pergolas, screened-in porches, and more — you name it, we can build it. Just bring us an idea and let’s see what we can create!