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Anyone who has priced play structures can tell you that the price range is huge-- at the low end, wooden forts from the big box stores can be found for as little as $600.  Similar models from well known "play system" retailers run anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000+.

We will customize your project to fit your needs, your wishes and your budget.  However, we refuse to cut corners or compromise on the quality of materials or construction.

True "tree houses," structures supported by one or more trees, offer the maximum in creativity and design potential.  Whether it's a traditional "no grownups allowed" childhood refuge, or an open air platform for your own enjoyment, having a tree house can be wonderful. While every property and every tree offers its own set of challenges and opportunities, we offer treehouses starting at $4,000.

Stand-Alone Play Structures
These structures typically have a tower or fort core play space, surrounded by a variety of play activities: slides, climbing walls, rope ladders, etc. We offer stand alone play structures for as little as $1,900.

Enclosed structures on the ground provide another realm of creative potential -- themed playhouses and club houses, as well as all-weather retreats and meditation spaces. We offer custom-designed structures on the ground for as little as $2,500.


Natural State Treehouses is proud to be on the cutting edge of the national move towards natural playgrounds for schools and public spaces. From whole log balance beams to art and music walls, we love to find ways to let kids interact with natural materials.  All public and school playgrounds constructed by Natural State Treehouses conform to safety standards outlined in the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Public Playground Safety Guidelines.

Other Services

Repair/ Rehabilitation/Recycling
Do you have an old play structure that just isn't safe (or attractive) anymore?  We are always happy to find ways to rehab existing structures and incorporate them into new designs.  Or, we can completely recycle your structure's good parts and give them new life in a brand new design.

Staining, Sealing and Cleaning
Whether it's an existing structure or a NST creation, we are now featuring Earthpaint Brand natural stains and preservatives.  Not only are Earthpaint's stains the highest quality preservatives we have ever used, they are also the most sustainable option available and are made from a unique blend of cashew nut oils. For renovation projects, we love Earthpaint's lime based cleaners and citrus solvents - very effective, but completely safe for children, pets and plants.

Designs and Plans
Do you dream of building your own structure, but just need some help getting started?  We can provide as much or as little design and construction assistance as you need.

General Carpentry
We know that the desire for old-style craftsmanship and sustainable carpentry is not limited to treehouses.  We are happy to offer sustainable general carpentry featuring locally-sourced or reclaimed materials, low impact installations, and material recycling. Fences, decks, small repairs and more - just visit our sister site, Natural State Carpentry.