Skylight Tower with Surf Swing

Cave Springs, Arkansas
Completed June 2013

Designed to be unique, we packed this climbing tower with features to challenge, build strength and balance, and inspire the imagination. Features include s,piral slide, bucket and pulley and an enclosed lower playhouse with wide-silled storefront window.


Tons of ways to climb on the structure, which has a total height of 14'.

The daunting west face - climbing holds and rope/plank ladder, a fireman's pole and a knotted pro-manilla climbing rope that is soft on the hands.

A polycarbonate skylight lets the sky and stars shine in. The protective plastic film will be removed after the stain is applied.

Beautiful surf-swing crafted locally by Fayetteville's Lavish Longboards using reclaimed, recycled and locally sourced wood.

View of the surf swing - stabilizing bars limit the side-to-side movement just the right amount while the swing moves freely in the opening.

Attention to the details insures that the structure will be with the family for the long haul.