Werner Family Clubhouse

Historical District, Fayetteville, AR
Completed January 2012
Materials: Native Arkansas cypress and cedar; high-grade polycarbonate panels

The Werner family needed a unique play structure to match their unique home.  One of the oldest houses in Fayetteville, the beautiful restored house and yard are adjacent to the historical Headquarter's House.  A store-bought playset just wouldn't do.  We began with the entrance, a long sloping ramp where son Hayden and friends could park their bikes and enter the structure through a natural tunnel space, a kind of "secret entrance" between two shrubs.  


From the first level platform, the kids can climb to an upper level clubhouse complete with a fireman's pole and 360 twist slide.  And, we gave the entire clubhouse an open and airy feel with UV-protected tinted polycarbonate sheets in the roof and walls, a great suggestion by father Randy.  The panels provide an amazing view of clouds and trees during the day and stars at night while providing virtually invisible protection from the elements.

As part of the fun, compact design, we even found a nice, shady spot to incorporate a swing beneath the short bridge connecting the two play spaces.


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