Bernice Young Elementary Exercise Stations

Springdale, AR
Completed July 2012
Materials: Arkansas Cypress, Arkansas Eastern Red Cedar

Modeling kindly provided by our children. :)

The Bernice Young Elementary School PTA wanted to do something special for the school and had the idea of creating exercise stations around the school track.  However, when they looked into commercially available options, everything was either far too expensive, not quite what they needed, or unattractive plastic and metal.  We were happy to partner with them on a custom solution - four unique exercise stations crafted of native cypress wood, shown here in the final stages (mulch was added later).



Clockwise, from upper left - 1. Plyometric boxes for vertical leap training; 2. Pull up and push up bars at varying heights designed for different ages and activities; 3. Sit up platforms with options for straight, angled up or angled down, and with secure bars for feet support; 4. Twin balance beams at 2" and 16" high.